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Essential Boost
Joint Supplements for dogs - Coastal Canine Essential Boost
Essential Boost
Essential Boost

Essential Boost

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Proactive Joint & Immune Support

Your dog’s joints are working hard, start nourishing them early so their best years last longer. Essential Boost is the perfect whole-food supplement to help keep your dog thriving. 


    Green Lipped mussel supports healthy joint function. Kelp supports thyroid health. Wheatgrass, barleygrass and parsley provide phytonutrients and chlorophyll to support cells. Rich in long-chain omega-3s, chondroitin sulphate, selenium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iodine and vitamin b12. 

    Our Difference

    • Made in New Zealand with locally sourced ingredients 
    • Natural, canine-specific formulation
    • Human-grade, free from synthetics and excipients.
    • The quality of Coastal Canine's Green Lipped mussel has been verified by scientific trials.


    50g Green Lipped Mussel, 15g Wheatgrass, 15g Barleygrass, 15g Parsley, 5g Kelp. 100% New Zealand ingredients. 

        This product includes high levels of Green Lipped Mussel. Some dogs can be allergic to this ingredient. If your dog has a known or suspected shellfish allergy, do not use this product.

        Sprinkle 1/4 tsp of powder per 10 kg body weight over food each day. Tiny dogs will only need a pinch.

        Exceeding the recommended dose could cause stomach upset.

        Human grade but intended for animal use only. Safe for long-term use.

        Check with your vet if your dog is taking medication. Contains shellfish.

          Each pottle will last approximately

          22 weeks for a small dog (less than 10kg)
          12 weeks for a medium dog (10 - 20 kgs)
          8 weeks for a large dog (20 - 30 kgs)
          6 weeks for a very large dog (30 - 40 kgs)
          4 weeks for a huge dog (40 kgs + )

          Made in New Zealand from 100% New Zealand ingredients.

          Our ingredients are sustainably grown and cleanly processed to avoid toxic residues for the environment & your dog.

            Light-proof packaging to protect the delicate bioactives from oxidising. Food safe plastic, BPA free. Recyclable = PET 1
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            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Brilliant product

            Love this product and the service is amazing, too! My Rottweiler is a very happy pup. :)

            Heather L.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Easy to add to into meals and cost effective

            Our 13 year old Jack Russell still has a spring in her step and we’re pretty sure Coastal Canine has something to do with it!

            Kimberly G.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Fantastic Supplement

            This has been the perfect addition to the raw food diet for our Siberian Husky, Bear. He is a very active dog joining us on big bike rides, hikes and mountain missions so it feels great to know we are supporting his recovery, nutrition and joints as best we can. It's super easy to use too, with just a small sprinkle on top of his food. Huge bonus to know the ingredients are high quality, natural and sourced locally. What a great NZ company, keep up the fantastic work! Thanks again from a very happy owner and pleased pooch x

            Danielle L.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Love love love it

            I’m so glad we found Coastal Canine. Love the new packaging. My dogs although young are high drive and very active. It’s so good knowing we are setting them up right and protecting their bodies. Great kiwi product! Highly recommend!

            Abi C.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review


            I am feeding the essential amino boost to 2 British Bulldogs and a rescue dog. All dogs love the taste and the rescue dog which had ear/skin problems has not had any issues since feeding it to him. The product is easy to feed, they all love it and it’s great for their joints, skin etc. Highly recommend this product

            Julie M.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Tim. Human of Oscar

            Oscar, at 13, has a new lease of life! Within a few days we noticed an extra bounce and a bit more ‘omph’ in his 13 year old hips. He also has more interest in his good too. Thanks. Made Oscar and his humans very happy :)

            tim c.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review


            Both dogs love it and will continue using this daily.

            Mary M.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            What a boost!

            I have been giving the Coastal Canine supplement to my two Bernese Mountain Dogs for the past couple of months. As they are a large breed I thought it was important to find the perfect supplement to add to their diet to keep their joints in good health. Koda and Kash love it, I see them go straight for the powder in their bowls, making it a perfect addition to their meals. The supplement is well packaged, and lasts as long as stated! I feel good knowing that I am helping my boys keep healthy and happy so they can live their best lives and even better that all the ingredients are sourced within NZ! Highly recommend!!

            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Fantastic Supplement

            I have been using Coastal Canine for the past few months with my 2-year-old Standard Poodle. He is super energetic and always bouncing around the place so I thought it was important to find the perfect supplement to add to his diet to keep his joints doing well. Zurg (poodle) loves it and it makes a perfect addition to his raw meals in the evening, He's a picky eater but hasn't left anything in the bowl since using this supplement. This supplement is perfect for us. It is easy to use by just sprinkling 1/2 a tsp onto his dinner every day, it lasts a long time and ends up being pretty cost-efficient with the bag not even being close to empty after a couple of months. It is a bonus that it is NZ made!! I will definitely top up when the current bag empties

            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Highly recommend

            I have three standard active Labradoodles who love to play ball, run and go completely crazy at the beach. I always worry about the effects this lifestyle may have on their joints as they age. Can’t say how happy I was to discover Coastal Canine! It’s a great feeling knowing I’m doing something wonderful to keep my dogs joints strong and healthy. I highly recommend Coastal Canine and love how easy it is to use and that my dogs actually enjoy it.

            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Mean green machine

            We love our coastal canine. The boys have been looking super shiny since we started using CC. I will be supporting this small NZ business again when our stash runs out. Only downside is the seal on the packets can be finicky if you are in a rush. Easy to solve though.

            Danielle C.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            The first supplement I've seen her love

            I've been using Coastal Canine NZ for a few months now. I've been looking for a supplement for my Shepherd for a while now, She LOVES to play fetch, run around, jump onto and off things. Everything that puts strain onto her joints. I wanted something to help her support her joints as she is getting older and I'm getting more worried and concerned about her health as she ages. I've tried other products but she hasn't liked them. Coastal Canine is the first product I've seen her love. It's simple and easy to use. I highly recommend Coastal Canine!

            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Perfect complement to his raw diet

            Boston loves his Coastal Canine! Seriously have never seen him lick his bowl completely clean until giving him this supplement. We have been adding it to his raw diet for nearly two months now and it has definitely helped improve his skin and coat! Couldn't recommend it more!

            Coastal Canine Essential Boost Review

            Cookie loves it

            We’ve been using Coastal Canine for the last couple weeks for our lab x and it’s a hit all around. Cookie loves it and completely finished her food (no sneaky biscuits left to save for later anymore) and it’s so good knowing that her diet supports her active lifestyle and that we are taking care of her body. Love it!



            our Frazer couldnt live without Coastal canine it keeps her healthy and able to go on long walks and to jump in the car. Thank you

            Norma H.
            New Zealand

            Too Early To Tell

            My dog seems to like the taste of the joint powder. She hasnt been on it very long so too early to tell if any difference. Easy to purchase product.

            Sandy B.
            New Zealand New Zealand

            Essential Boost

            I opened the container and smelt it. OMG, it smells like seaweed for sure. We have a Mastiff and Lab, the big boy can be fussy and always smells his dish before eating, forget trying to put pills in there; lol. The lab, well there just vacuums anyway right, but the point is i have never seen him eat his food so quickly. He loves it in his food. Too soon to tell about the benefits. Great product so far. Mark R

            mark r.
            New Zealand New Zealand

            Yes he's doing ok he's eating it on his meat

            Sheryll W.
            New Zealand New Zealand

            Happy Hound

            The joint supplement is a daily addition to our dogs meal. We are sure it helps keep his joints and ligaments in good condition.

            Angela M.
            New Zealand New Zealand

            Essential Boost

            Great service and first time given to two fussy eaters, they didn’t even blink so great way of supplying valuable joint supplements and sustainably NZ made too! Have signed up for regular shipments.

            Tanya J.
            New Zealand New Zealand