How to Store Your Supplements

Natural supplements are vulnerable to degradation.

Long-chain omega-3s in particular are very delicate and need to be stored correctly to ensure the bioactive properties are retained and they don’t go stale or worse, rancid. 

Our supplements are packaged in light-proof packaging that is food safe and bpa-free.

It’s important to store your supplements out of direct sunlight, below 30 degrees celsius, with the cap securely fastened. Make sure you use your Coastal Canine supplements within six months of opening to ensure the ingredients are fresh and active.

When looking for other quality supplements, make sure the producer has gone to lengths to ensure the stability and shelf life of their product. This can be a good indicator that they care about the efficacy of their supplements. 

Our pottles are PET 1 so once they are empty you can give them a rinse and pop them out with the roadside recycling. Or re-purpose them - they make great treat containers!