Do you offer free shipping?
Shipping is free within New Zealand. Courier Post is our trusted delivery partner.
Do you send overseas?
We don't ship overseas at this time, but our partner HealthPost does! They have a range of international delivery options. 
Where are your ingredients from?
All our ingredients are sustainably grown & cleanly processed in New Zealand. So they are fresh and active when they hit your dog's bowl. We don't use any excipients or preservatives. 
Why have you used all natural ingredients?
Synthetic ingredients can sound great but they have unknown (and often very low) bioavailability and efficacy. Natural ingredients are safe for long term use, give holistic nutritional benefit & are free from toxins and side effects. 
Are these supplements a complete food?
No, they are dietary supplements only.
How should I store these products?
Below 30 degrees celsius, with the lid on, away from children's reach.
Are they safe for long term use?
Are they safe for puppies?
Once your puppy is eating solid food, Essential Boost and Bone Broth Powder are safe to start incorporating into their diet.
Are there any contraindications?
There are no known contraindications but we recommend you check with your vet if your dog is taking any medications. 
More questions?
Send an email to Hello@coastalcanine.nz we would love to hear from you.