Dog First Formulations

For Better Bioavailability

Coastal Canine supplements are formulated specifically for canine digestion. This may sound obvious, but many dog supplements base their formulations on what is trendy in human supplements, without taking into account our very different digestive systems.

For example, omega-3s are essential to maintaining healthy inflammation levels. But dogs cannot access the short-chain omega-3s from plant sources like chia and flaxseed. These ingredients offer other nutritional value to dogs but cannot be used as an effective omega-3 source. 

Dogs need long-chain omega-3s that are only found in kelp and seafood. Our super-premium Green Lipped Mussel contains a broad range of long-chain omega-3s (including dha, epa, eta and ota). It has longer chains than fish oil, meaning they offer superior bioavailability for dogs.

Our canine-first formulations are part of our commitment to creating health supplements that deliver real results.