Bone Broth Powder
Bone Broth Powder
Bone Broth Powder
Bone Broth Powder

Bone Broth Powder

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 New Zealand Beef Bone Broth Powder 

Gut-nourishing New Zealand beef bone broth powder. Supports digestive health and overall wellness. Consistent use helps strengthen the gut wall, so more nutrients are absorbed and toxins are kept out. A healthy gut has a flow-on effect on your dog’s skin, coat, nails, breath and general vitality.


  • Convenient. All the goodness of a bone broth, with the convenience of a powder.
  • Versatile. Sprinkle powder on top of food, mix with water for a refreshing drink or freeze liquid to serve as an icy treat.
  • Delicious. The lovely mild flavour is great for dogs with an upset tummy and picky eaters who need encouragement to eat or drink. 
  • Perfect for seniors. Liquid broth is excellent to soften kibble making it easier to eat, the authentic beef scent helps to stimulate older dogs’ appetites.
  • Scientifically verified. Independently tested to verify high collagen, glycine, proline and glutamic acid content, to protect against a leaky gut. 
  • Naturally nutritious. Rich source of collagen, protein and electrolytes with 0% fat.
  • High solubility. Mixes well with water.
  • No additives. Free from common additives like salt, flow agents or apple cider vinegar.
Serving Suggestions
  • Sprinkle powder over food for a convenient, tasty supplement.
  • Mix with a bit of water for a gravy topper. Perfect to soften kibble for older dogs or entice fussy eaters.
  • Mix with more water for a hydrating electrolyte-rich drink. Great for after an episode of gastro-upset or a big adventure. 
  • Freeze liquid into ice cubes for a refreshing treat all dogs love.

Our Difference

  • Made in New Zealand with locally grown beef bone broth  
  • Human-grade, free from synthetics and excipients.
  • Scientifically verified high levels of glycine, proline & glutamic acid -  the amino acids that support gut lining impermeability. Plus high collagen and low heavy metal content.


180g New Zealand grass-fed beef bone broth powder.

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