Bone Broth Powder
Bone Broth Powder
Bone Broth Powder
Bone Broth Powder

Bone Broth Powder

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Support Gut Health & Vitality

All the goodness of bone broth, with the convenience of powder. Gut-nourishing bone broth supports your dog's digestion and overall vitality. Serve as a powder sprinkle or mix with water for a delicious collagen-rich broth.


  • Glycine, proline and glutamic acid support gut health.
  • 86% collagen supports skin, coat, nails and energy. 
  • Lovely mild flavour perfect for fussy dogs and those with an upset tummy
  • Stimulate your dog's appetite, promote hydration, soften kibble and warm-up meals. 


  • 180g New Zealand grass-fed beef bone broth powder

 Serves per pack

  • 108 serves for a small dog (under 10 kg)
  • 54 serves for a medium dog (10- 35kg)
  • 28 serves for a big dog (35 kg +)
This product includes beef. Some dogs can be allergic to this ingredient. If your dog has a known or suspected beef allergy, do not use this product.

Made in New Zealand at GMP-certified facilities. 100% New Zealand sourced ingredients. Scientifically verified hero ingredients. Natural formulations that are free from preservatives or excipients.

Light-proof packaging to protect the delicate bioactives from oxidising. Food safe plastic, BPA free. Recyclable = PET 1
Sprinkle powder over food for a convenient, tasty supplement.
Mix with water for a hydrating electrolyte-rich drink.
Freeze liquid into ice cubes for a refreshing treat all dogs love.
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