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Joint Boost
Joint supplements for dogs  - Coastal Canine Joint Boost
Joint Boost

Joint Boost

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Advanced Joint & Immune Support

Boost their bowl for tomorrow's adventure! Joint Boost is the perfect supplement to support your dog's mobility and immunity.


High levels of Green Lipped mussel supports healthy joint function. Pine bark extract provides antioxidant support and promotes blood flow to tight muscles. Wheatgrass, barleygrass and parsley provide phytonutrients and chlorophyll to support cells. Rich in long-chain omega-3s, chondroitin sulphate, selenium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, iodine, and vitamin b12. 

Our Difference

  • Made in New Zealand with locally sourced ingredients 
  • Natural, canine-specific formulation
  • Human-grade, free from synthetics and excipients.
  • The quality of Coastal Canine's Green Lipped mussel and Enzogenol have been scientifically verified.


83g Green Lipped Mussel, 5g Wheatgrass, 5g Barleygrass, 5g Parsley, 2g Pine bark extract (Enzogenol). 100% New Zealand ingredients

      This product includes high levels of Green Lipped Mussel. Some dogs can be allergic to this ingredient. If your dog has a known or suspected shellfish allergy, do not use this product.

      Sprinkle 1/4 tsp of powder per 10 kg body weight over food each day. Tiny dogs will only need a pinch. We recommend a double the dosage for the first 4 weeks only.

      Exceeding the recommended dose could cause stomach upset.

      Human grade but intended for animal use only. Safe for long term use.

      Check with your vet if your dog is taking medication. Contains shellfish.

        After the initial loading dose, each pottle will last approximately

        22 weeks for a small dog (less than 10kg)
        12 weeks for a medium dog (10 - 20 kgs)
        8 weeks for a large dog (20 - 30 kgs)
        6 weeks for a very large dog (30 - 40 kgs)
        4 weeks for a huge dog (40 kgs + )

          Made in New Zealand from 100% New Zealand ingredients.

          Our ingredients are sustainably grown and cleanly processed to avoid toxic residues for the environment & your dog.

            Light-proof packaging to protect the delicate bioactives from oxidising. Food safe plastic, BPA free. Recyclable = PET 1
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            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Amazing result

            Our lovely 10 year old wheaten terrier has arthritis in his shoulders and was yelping in pain jumping in and out of the car (and off the bed). After starting your green lip mussel product, no more yelps, walking more freely and even choosing to play with his friends on the beach. Thanks coastal canine, I’ve used green lip mussel before for our wolfhounds and swear by it with great results. Diana Barnes

            Trevor B.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost ReviewCoastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Ligament Recovery

            Used this product post carpus ligament surgery in my Blue Heeler. Will continue to use to increase joint function and health. Happy with product.

            Jake N.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Happy customer

            Great service, prompt delivery, like that the product is NZ made. No issues with my dog eating the supplement mixed into his food. Have only been using for 2 weeks so too early to comment on any improvement in my dogs joint health.

            Amy B.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            We have been giving this daily to our lab and she love's it, pushes her bowl all around the kitchen floor licking up the powder.

            Rachel R.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Maintained loading dose for Labrador with arthritis

            We started using this with our 8 year old Labrador. He had had a number of knee/leg operations on a back leg when he was young, which meant as he got to 7-8 years old we saw him limping. Xrays showed him to have arthritis in all four legs. The vets suggested meds to help, but long term they could affect his kidneys, so tried Coastal Canine. We’ve had to stay on the loading dose for him, but we definitely notice an improvement in his movement & it’s so lovely still seeing him run around & being able to swim! Buying a thicker bed & moderating walks has also helped. He does still limp a little after a very active day, but seems to recover quicker than before. Very pleased with Coastal Canine Joint Rescue.

            Catherine D.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Joint Boost

            Our wee girl Bella is 12 years old and was finding it hard to jump up on the sofa. She was favouring her back leg. We've been giving her Joint Boost for 2 weeks and she is already more agile. Chasing her toys up the hallway. It is such a great product and we are really thankful.

            Ann M.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review


            Our dear Pip simply loves his Joint Boost. In fact he doesn't like his food without it. We are sure that it is helping him to move well and remain largely pain free. This is such a relief for us. Love your auto renewal, and the 13 week cycle for a Bichon Frise is perfect! Poochis Gracias! Smyth Family, Welly

            Peter S.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Brilliant supplement

            I have 3 mini schnauzers and I give all three this supplement along with glucosamine/sms. Since adding the Coastal Canine supplement my middle dog has stopped limping and my old girl is far more spry than she was! I will definietly be continuing to use this as long as I have puppies :)

            Fiona L.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Looking for a NZ grown quality green lipped mussel product for our cavoodle

            Great quick response to my questions prior to purchase about quality, product choice for our 2 year old cavoodle with low grade patella issues! Arrived within a few days of order, and best of all Miss Frankie loves it mixed in with her yoghurt in the mornings! Been using about 3 weeks now and feel she is limping/skipping less so fingers crossed it is helping her joints and reducing inflammation. Well done to a great NZ small business

            KATHRYN K.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Licks up every last crumb!

            Our 12 year old is still very spritely and loves hiking and exploring. We have always had her on alternate supplements for Omegas. Due to supply issues with her previous product we decided to look closer to home. She loves the smell and licks every last bit up off the bottom of her slow feed bowl. We even used it on her fur brothers pills which he gobbles up! We won’t be going back to the other product this one is a winner!

            Alicia H.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review


            Having tried a number of joint care products which were no enthusiastically appreciated, Coastal Canine has been a revelation. No problem at all from the get go.

            Mike B.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review


            Great product with an easy order system and fast shipping.

            Kerri W.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost ReviewCoastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Thrilled with this product!

            We have “Tessie” -a 13kg, 18month old beautiful English Staffordshire Bill Terrier. She has been a tripod since 12 weeks old so we wanted to be pro-active in protecting her joints for life. This is our second purchase of the Joint boost. We only give her 1/4 teaspoon /day (divided between her meals) and a tub lasts over 3 months. I don’t know about her joints, but her costar has never been more shiny and glossy and she LOVES the fishy favour of the powder. Proud to be supporting an NZ brand & product & I always recommend to everyone who comments on Tessie’s glossy coat. I’ll continue buying in the future. Keep up the great mahi & wonderful customer service :)

            Victorie P.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review


            Great product! Cooper is a 14 year old chocolate lab and this is the best product we have used. Seeing great results and keeping him youthful for longer!

            Rosaria W.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Coastal Canine joint formula

            My dog just loves it! She just licks the bowl clean, and it’s doing her so much good

            Geraldine R.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review


            Brilliant, quick, friendly service.

            Mandy O.
            New Zealand New Zealand
            Coastal Canine Joint Boost Review

            Some green magic!!

            Absolutely rate coastal canine products! Have been using for a year as additional support to our Swiss Shepherd and it’s the one supplement I trust and will always use. Super palatable and a fantastic boost on top of a raw diet! Also lasts ages, have had the new packaged bottle for a couple counts and despite using more than half a teaspoon a day never seems to empty!

            Maja S.
            New Zealand New Zealand

            Joint powder

            Our dog has spinal arthritis even though she is only 5 years old and was in a lot of pain. After we got that under control with medication we started giving her coastal canine green lip mussel joint powder and she is bouncing around like a puppy again Great product

            Nicola S.
            New Zealand New Zealand

            Molly our Bishon

            We have only been giving Molly Coastal Cainine for two weeks now and already a remarkable change. She could barely get up with her hind legs battling and limping with her front one. But she is improving dramatically, she still battles but is much quicker to get up and no limping with the front leg. I can just emagine if this is only after two weeks, how perfect she will be when she has had it continously. We have watched her in pain and not even the vet anti inflammatory medication worked. Thank you, for such a wonderful product. We can see that Molly is feeling much better and no longer in pain.

            Lizal S.
            New Zealand New Zealand

            Hopefully fixed

            Toby is walking without a limp now so hopefully result of your medication

            Anita C.
            New Zealand New Zealand

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